The Return of Badass Wednesday Black Dynamite Style!


I know…I know!!!! Its been a couple of months since I lasted posted about Badass Wednesday but hey, ITS BACK! Your emails, tweets, and FB post have brought Badass Wednesday back to life and it begins with Black Dynamite!

Black Dynamite is a former badass CIA agent that  vows to clean up the streets of drug dealers and gangsters after the death of his brother Jimmy!

In short he avenges Jimmy in the most Badass, comical, kung fu treachery way that made the film a cult hit! Now the cult hit has become a full fledge animated series on Cartoon Network Adult Swim this July! Check out the teaser trailer to see Black Dynamite at work!


He earns the title of Badass Wednesday because of his no holds bar of kicking villiany ass with smart as catch phrases that will leave you in shock in awe! “Hey man, you send her in here with them titties. What did you expect? How’s my x-ray.” See my point!

At the end of the day, Black Dynamite’s goal is simple save the day while getting some ass in the process and they my friend is priceless! Black Dynamite, You’ve earn the Title of Badass Wednesday!

“Fiendish Ryu, you done fucked up now!”

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